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Are You Wondering How To Compare Sprinkler System Companies In Rockland County & Northern Bergen?

A quality sprinkler system can keep your yard green and beautiful during the driest and hottest parts of the summer.  Many people think all sprinkler systems and installation are the same – they are not.  Low quality sprinkler system designs cut corners to deliver a low initial price.  However, this automatic watering system costs you more in the long-term with their true costs hidden under the ground.   Low quality piping easily breaks, causing a year round leak of water that raises your water bill every month it is undetected.   It is expensive to have this low-end irrigation system repaired as the leak first needs to be located and then excavated and repaired.  Other low-priced systems cut corners by designing the entire system on one or two zones which often kills shrubs, landscaping and parts of the lawn over time (See explanation below.).  When it comes to a sprinkler system installation, investing in quality products and design is absolutely the best value.  TGW only install high quality systems and will not cut corners and bury the evidence.  In order to help you compare “apples to apples” we have developed the following check list to help you determine who delivers the high value and who does not.

Sprinker system keeping grass green

A sprinkler system keep your grass green all summer long. TGW provides installation in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

7 Keys to Finding Superior Value in Sprinkler Systems in Rockland County & Northern Bergen

  1. Choosing a firm that is not dedicated to delivering value can cost you a lot of money as explained above.
  2. Some firms cut corners on design to artificially give you a lower price.  They show you a system with the same amount of quality sprinkler heads, but put them all in one or two zones.  Different areas of your property need different amounts of water. By cutting corners on zoning, you may end up with shrubs on the bottom of a hill that get killed by the runoff from the sprinklers on the top, or the grass in shady areas will receive too much water and die.  They give you a lower price as they only install one or two zones, but you pay much more in the end.
  3. Never cut corners on equipment or installation.  We will always include the top quality irrigation heads, fully customizable timers, the highest quality piping with double clamped fittings and triple clamped main lines. We even Teflon tape all the manifold connections to avoid leakage.  An undetected underground leak is very costly and repairing it costs even more!
  4. Investing in quality excavation & clean- up saves you money and headaches.  We install our systems to minimize the negative impact on your property.  We do everything possible to avoid damaging the roots of your bushes and trees.  We also make sure that the cleanup is done in a manner that does not affect the grade of your lawn.  We never leave high or low spots that will either die from lack of or too much water.  In the end, quality is your best investment.
  5. We are fully insured and our workers are legal and covered under worker’s compensation.  If someone were to be injured on your property, we are fully insured, covering your risk completely.
  6. The manufacturers we use warranty their products for one year.  We warranty our work for a year too!
  7. We are local and live in the community and our children go to school here.  We are not going anywhere.  If you have questions or concerns, we will be right here to answer them.

TGW, has built its sprinkler system business in Rockland County and Northern Bergen by using only quality components, designing your zoning properly to insure your yard is green and healthy all summer long, going the extra mile to deliver great service and doing all of this at very fair rates.  To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation about our excellent sprinkler system in Rockland county or Northern Bergen – call 845-369-9297 or fill out the form on the right hand side of the page… your lawn and landscaping will be glad you did!


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