Flower bed designs that add the perfect touch to Rockland & Northern Bergen County homes

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Beautiful flower bed designs for Rockland County & Northern Bergen


Flowers, shrubs and greenery add beauty, curb appeal and value to a home.  They are relatively inexpensive and, if done properly, can bloom all summer long.  We will work with you to capture your ideal gardens.  Some want formal gardens while others want their garden to look natural.  We will help bring your dreams to life (literally).   A garden, like an artist’s canvas, is the proper mix of color and contrast.  By adding the proper mix of accent plants, we can make your flowers an explosion of color or  a more subtle, yet equally beautiful, display of color.   Additionally, we insure that you have the proper plants for the conditions of your garden – the amount of sunlight and water they receive.  If you like, we can design your flower beds so that you have a parade of color starting in the spring and ending at the first frost.

Maintaining your plantings, flower beds & landscaping

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plantings can bring out the best in your property

Landscaping, flower beds and gardens start with the preparation of the soil.  If your soil does not hold water well, we will suggest that we start by mixing peat moss and organic material that will act like a sponge to help retain moisture.  Your flowers will thank you in July!  Next we organize the planting according to the design we develop to capture your dreams.  We only use quality plants.  Next we mulch.  Mulch not only makes a nice, even ground cover, but it also holds down the growth of weeds while it helps slow the evaporation of water.  Once the mulch is down, we can add stone and gravel accents too, if you like. The goal is always to maximize your garden’s health and beauty.

Make your yard the talk of the town with TGW’s beautiful plantings and flower bed designs, honed over three generations – call them at 845-369-9297 – you’ll be glad you did!

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