Mulch & Topsoil

Looking for Mulch or Topsoil in Rockland County and Northern Bergen?

Mulch is one of the most effective tools to keep your landscaping looking beautiful and your plants healthy. Here are 5 advantages to mulching your beds:

  1. Helps your gardens retain water by slowing evaporation
  2. Impedes the growth of weeds
  3. Helps insulate your soil from the heat of summer and spring frosts and helps protect annuals from winter’s freeze.  This minimizes the stress on your plants.
  4. Adds nutrients to your garden as it decomposes
  5. Keeps a nice uniform look to your garden
landscaping & mulch

A beautiful landscaping job in Rockland County highlighted with mulch

Mulching should be done annually to maximize the health and beauty of your gardens. This inexpensive process will keep your plants as healthy as possible so that you can enjoy them all year long. We will help you pick the proper mulch and the colors that will maximize your yard’s beauty. Then deliver and spread it to make your yard or office look great.


We will deliver, spread and seed topsoil.  We can bring it by the truck load or in a pickup to transfer to wheelbarrows to fill in low spots in your yard that have developed over time.  No matter the size of your project… you will always receive our prompt, friendly service.

TGW provides mulch and topsoil to Rockland County in NY and Northern Bergen County in NJ – call them at 845-369-9297 to make your property shine!

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