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Tasteful Landscape Lighting For Rockland County and Northern Bergen

Landscape lighting adds a beauty to your home at night that can be sublime.   The key to a beautiful lighting plan is to highlight just the right objects.  We are glad to come and walk your property at night and work with you to light it in a manner that will have the neighbors talking.  It not only greatly adds to the aesthetics of your yard, but it also increases your safety by making it easier to see on walkways and deterring intruders.  According to the Crime Prevention Service School of Criminal Justice of Rutgers University,  effective lighting can:

  1. Make it easier to see other people.
  2. Eliminate dark hiding spots in areas used by employees and customers. (and guests to you home)
  3. Discourage intruders from going into restricted areas.
  4. Prevent Crime!


landscape lighting in Rockland County

TGW provides elegant landscape lighting for homes and businesses in Rockland County

TGW positions your lighting in a manner that highlights  the landscaping  of your home or office  while helping to  reduce the dark areas that criminal love.

Landscape Lighting Options for Rockland &
Bergen County Homeowners & Businesses

Landscape lighting power options are solar, solar LED or low voltage.  The low voltage systems can be put on a timer, which takes the hassle out of turning it on and allows for it to operate even when you are away – again deterring people who should not be on your property.  There are many options for the coating on your fixtures, including:  antique copper, brass, polished copper, pewter, antique brown, green, black and white.

Make your home beautiful and more safe with  TGW’s landscape lighting – call them at 845-369-9297 – you’ll be glad you did!

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