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Does your yard have an area that is constantly wet and muddy?  Does it have unsightly rocky areas?  Is there water seeping into you basement due to a poorly graded yard?  Do you have a sink hole or a depression in your yard that did not previously exist?  Are heavy rains washing your gardens or driveway away?

These are some of the common reasons people want to invest in proper drainage and grading of their yards.  In the past, we have actually been able to solve a yard drainage problem with topsoil and raking.  However, this is not always the case.  If water is not flowing properly, we may come in and grade the area properly to make it flow away from your house and in a manner that does not cause it to pool and cause wet areas.  If the area is always wet, the solution may be building a blind ditch underground. This is a gravel trench with perforated piping that is buried out of sight and will pull the water to an area where it can properly drain.  You may need us to build a natural swale.  This will keep the water running off your property while controlling its path.  If you are planning to build a pool or other structure, you may need de-mucking, where the unsuitable materials are removed.  Proper drainage not only beautifies your landscaping but also increases your property’s value.   In the end, there is no accurate way to diagnose the problem without walking the property with you to analyze the current grade of your property and see the actual situation.  If you have an area that is constantly wet or that just needs to be made to look better, we will gladly come for a free, no-obligation consult.  Just call 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right.

TGW provides drainage and excavation services to all of Rockland County, NY and Northern Bergern County in NJ

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