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Many homeowners who want to redo their backyard landscaping imagine owning one of the most beautiful yards in Rockland or Bergen Counties.  The challenge is that they often cannot articulate the details of their ideas to the landscaper. This is when it becomes imperative to find a landscaping service such as TGW. One of Mr. Frezza’s , the President of TGW, talents lies in his ability to help people, just like you, to clarify their dreams. He just has the ability to pull the ideas and dreams out of his clients and then bring them to life, done right, on time and within his client’s budget. From simple landscaping services such as lawn care, plantings or installing automatic sprinkler systems to more complex projects such as landscape design, pond installations and drainage projects, you will always receive the excellence and fair rates people have come to expect from Alex and his team.

If you are not in the landscape business, it is very difficult to know who is delivering the best long-term value. Not knowing how to evaluate the quality of the various landscape services often leaves the homeowner making a decision based on price. This can often be the most expensive way to go as the non-professional, or, as some call them, “ the fly-by-night services,” cut corners to deliver low prices. Often, in a few years, the drainage or sprinklers no longer work properly or the rock wall, walkway or patio masonry cracks, or the pavers sink and the curbing cracks… The project needs to be redone, Mr. Fly-by-night is long gone and you cannot get your money back – that is very expensive! On the other hand, there are some firms that will do the job correctly, without cutting corners, but take some of your joy away as your head spins when you see the final bill, with many extras built in. TGW prides itself in always doing jobs properly without cutting corners and doing them at very fair rates. On the rare occasion where plans need to be modified, we always thoroughly explain what is happening and discuss the options with you. You will never receive a “surprise” at the end of the project. We pride ourselves in staying within budget while helping you achieve your dream.

How to find a landscaping firm that is right for you

Below are 10 items that will help you evaluate and find superior land and hardscaping companies like TGW that deliver exceptional quality at rates that will make you smile.

  1. Can the company help you create a landscape project that fits your dreams? Beware of the fly-by-night’s one solution fits all approach. Make sure that your landscaper can help you articulate and then create a unique solution that fits your dream… not the other way around. One way to start to get a handle on your ideas is to go to the library and ask for some books that have pictures of landscaping ideas. Magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Landscaping Magazine or Garden Design Magazine are a good place to start. You may also check out websites like or In your travels you may see hard or landscaping features in the yards of businesses you pass that you really like. Take pictures of them so that you can explain what you like most about them. It may be parts of several that you see that will help you to explain your dream. Of course you can always check out our portfolio as well.
  2. Make sure you feel comfortable with your contractor. This is part logic and part feeling. Does your contractor take the time to answer all of you questions until you fully understand what is involved? Do you feel like you can speak to them without feeling rushed or, worse, talked down to? Do they explain things in every day terms or do they talk in “industryspeak” that can be very confusing? If something cannot be explained in a straight forward manner –BEWARE! Additionally, ask for recommendations and review pictures of their work. If you are not comfortable with your contractor for any reason do not hire them.
  3. Find a Company that is dedicated to quality and doing things right the first time. This can be tricky as a fly-by-night company may cut a corner like not digging a footing for a rock or retaining wall deep enough or skimping on the drainage below your patio, driveway or pool area and once built you cannot see it…
    1. The first place to check is with the Better Business Bureau. If there are a number of complaints – avoid the contractor like the plague!
    2. Next, ask for recommendations.
    3. Ask if the contractor has problems with you occasionally watching and reviewing the job with them. This may take a commitment on your part, but a quality landscaper will not only explain the process and its requirements to be done correctly, but will also let you review the work in progress. Please note that you will need to be flexible with your schedule to review the work or it will hold up you job’s progress. You cannot expect a contractor to stop working at 10 AM and wait for you to get home a 6 PM to review a foundation without being willing to pay extra.
    4. Know who is in charge of your project and be able to communicate with them regularly. We also recommend that you have the cell phone numbers of both the supervisor and the owner of the company.
    5. If there is a particular skill necessary for your job, such as a custom design or outline placed in a driveway paver project, make sure that skill is one of your contractor’s core competencies.
    6. Know the manpower requirements of your project and how many workers the contractor plans on dedicating to your project.
    7. Of course a quality contractor will have complete insurance coverage that is up to date. Make sure their insurance covers any accidents that take place on your property. The last thing you need is to find out after the fact that your contractor does not have the right coverage, that you are responsible and that you are being sued by one of their injured employees.
    8. Ask about any warranties and guarantees for both the service and, if applicable, products.
    9. Ask about the quality of materials being used such as pavers. Do not hesitate to ask about how the drainage should be done correctly or how deep footings should be or how the base of your patio is constructed. These are great questions to ask and a quality contractor will explain them so that they are easy to understand.
    10. Make sure that you receive a written contract with each detail specified. Make sure that you both agree on the timetable. Of course no one can control the weather so if it rains for two weeks straight, your landscaper cannot be blamed. However, any quality landscaper can give you an accurate timeframe. If something unexpected happens, you should expect your contractor to communicate this to you. If it is out of their control, you need to be flexible enough to give him time to adjust his schedule accordingly. Again it comes down to quality communication between you and your landscaper.
  4. Develop a clear understanding of the costs associated with your project. If you are contracting for simple lawn service, understand what your weekly costs are. Next, know what the extras cost, like spring and fall cleanup or fertilization etc. This is even more important with larger more complex projects. Look for a landscaping service that is known for working with your budget and then staying within it.

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