Beautifully designed walkways for Rockland County and Northern Bergen

stone and paver walkway with gardens & wooden bridge for Rockalnd County & Nothern bergen residents

Beautifully designed walkway, stairs & bridge for Rockland County & Northern Bergen

Our walkways are as varied as the imagination of the homeowners in Rockland County and Northern Bergen.  Some want a simple straight concrete or flagstone walkway that easily leads from point A to Point B.  Others want a work of art with pavers of different colors creating a hardscape and landscape design as it weaves its way to its destination.   A walkway through a garden may consist of stones surrounded by decorative gravel or even mulch.  It all comes back to your dreams and desires, where we always start.  Once we sit with you and clarify your vision for your walkway, we design it and deliver a rendering.   If you like, we will design the landscaping of the adjacent areas to bring out the beauty of your walkway as well as your property.

Proper design and construction of walkways

When designing and constructing a concrete walkway we insure that it is built properly with footings to drain water away and prevent cracking during the winter.  Additionally, we make sure that it is designed so that it does not impede the drainage of adjoining areas.   With stone or pavers, we build the substructure to minimize the possibility of them lifting and significantly moving over time.  As we have mentioned, we will not cut corners on quality… that will eventually lead to cracks and an uneven walkway.  However, we will be glad to educate you so that you can insure your job is done properly for the long-term.

Here are 5 types of walkways that we can create for you:

paver walkway with stone walls and beautifully designed gardens

Paver Walkways with beautifully designed hard & landscaping elements for homeowners in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

Wood Chips –   Wood chips are a good material to use to create a path in a wooded area or garden where you want a very natural look yet want to be able to walk without getting your shoes muddy.

Wooden or manufactured planking – If you are imagining a walkway that connects a deck to a wooden bridge over a stream, this may be the best solution for you as it will keep the wooden materials consistent from the deck to the bridge.

Gravel & Stone – The options range from basic blue stone to decorative stone to rounded river rock to decomposed granite that binds together like shoulder stone, with or without fieldstone or flagstone stepping stones.  We can even create the entire walkway of stone laid in a sand or concrete base to bind it. There are many, many gravels and stones to fit every taste and budget.

Pavers – Today pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Your pathway can be constructed to look very natural or we can incorporate designs and edging to customize your walkway to fit your dreams.

Concrete – Concrete walkways are by far the most sturdy and durable.  A basic straight concrete walkway is an efficient, functional solution.  However, concrete can be used to create beautiful paths and walkways too.  We can add stones to create a beautiful design, and there are even concrete products available today that can be molded to look as if they are stone while giving you the strength of solid concrete.

Walkway lights – Adding landscape lighting to a walkway not only ads elegance but also keeps your family and guest safer at night.

When planning and designing walkways, it is important to see the surrounding areas.  We will gladly provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss your projects as well as lay out all of the important considerations you should think through before you contract for your walkway.

If you are located in Rockland County or Northern Bergen set a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss making your walkways stunning –  call TGW at 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right.

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