Rock Walls

Rock Walls in Rockland County and Northern Bergen for every need and budget

rock walls for Rockland County & Northern Bergen

Rock walls enhance the beauty of Rockland County and Northern Bergen yards while increasing the home values.

Rock walls, when done properly, make a beautiful line to separate properties.  As a matter of

fact, that has been their traditional use in Rockland County and Northern Bergen for centuries.  Of course, like anything else, there are rock walls and then there are rock walls.  Your property may have a stacked stone wall originally made hundreds of years ago as a farmer took the rocks from his field and placed them on the edge of his property.  These stone walls served their purpose but were basically rocks piled in a fairly straight line.  Today, after hundreds of winters, they may be disheveled and not very attractive.  We can rebuild your stacked stone walls using the current rocks and adding to them to make them more attractive, or we can build you a rock wall form the ground up (pun intended).

Stone, landscape block,  brick and rock walls beautifully divide outdoor living areas in Rockland County & Northern Bergen

We also design and build hardscaping  walls  with or without seating  that accent and divide outdoor living areas.  These walls can be built from stone, landscape block, bricks or special concrete that can be molded to look like stone while having all of the strength and durability of concrete.

Rock walls can be a very interesting and beautiful way to separate different areas of a yard or property.  A garden wall can be a beautiful way to divide your garden into sections or even terraces.  We can build them from natural stones (irregularly shaped) or, if you like, from flat stones, landscape blocks or bricks.  They can be made from a variety of types of stones or just one type…  As always, we will start with your ideas and dreams and then we will help clarify them, design them and build them.  Our goal is to help you create a beautiful wall on time and within your budget.

TGW – Rockland and Northern Bergen’s value leader for rock walls

If ypur home or business is located in Rockland County or Northern Berge and you would like to arrange a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your rock wall, please call 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right.

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