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Retaining Walls for every project and budget in Rockland County & Northern Bergen

beautiful retaining wall build for Rockland County & Northern Bergen Homeowners & businesses

Beautiful retaining walls for Rockland County & Northern Bergen

Do you have a very steep area that is next to impossible to mow and never looks right?  Rockland and Bergen County homeowners have found that terracing the area with a retaining wall can provide you with a  hardscaping solution that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Retaining walls need to be build properly so that they do not start to lean, sag, shift or settle.  TGW will make sure that your wall has the proper tie back into the earth to keep it upright and straight.  If your retaining wall needs a footing, it will be done correctly so that the winter freeze does not crack it.  We always design our walls with proper drainage to ensure they last as long as possible.

What are the best materials for a retaining wall?

The materials you choose will depend upon the purpose you want your retaining wall to serve.

Here are a few solutions:

Natural stone – These can be built up and will drain naturally.

Concrete – These can be poured or made with a new type of concrete that can be carved to look like natural stone with all of the strength of solid concrete.

Concrete Block – Retaining wall blocks look like pavers and come in many colors and styles.  They are great for building walls that have curves and they are very attractive.

Wood – Wooden timbers or even railroad ties can be used to build a retaining wall.  These especially go well when surrounded by decks and other wooden objects.

Ideas for retaining walls, hardscaping and landscaping

For some great ideas your your home or business please check out our portfolios.  You may want to start with back yard ideas and garden ideas.

For Rockland County and Northern Bergen homeowners and businesses, please call 845-369-9297or complete the form on the right and we  will be happy to come to your property and help you assess what is the best retaining wall solution for your property –  the consultation will be free, with no obligation.

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