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Breathtaking Ponds, Outdoor Fountains & Water Features for Rockland County & Northern Bergen

Koi pond and waterfall with beautiuflly desginged landscaping for Rockland County and Northern Bergen homes

A sample of a beautiful koi pond and waterfall designed and built for homeowners in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

Water features, whether they are ponds, koi ponds, outdoor fountains, waterfalls or streams, are striking and can make your yard spectacular.  Quality landscaping starts with a great concept that buttresses your dreams.  You may want a pond area that attracts birds and butterflies, or your may picture a large koi pond.  Maybe your desire is to have a waterfall or outdoor fountain next to a beautiful patio to provide the soothing sounds of water gently splashing over rocks.  We start with your dream, articulate it, create the design and then build the water features that make it come to life.

We pride ourselves in helping you develop the most beautiful water features in Rockland County and Northern Bergen.   The key is to insure that the design of all of the components fit together perfectly, blending and enhancing one another.  You may want a koi pond to be the centerpiece of your backyard.  We’ll help you design one that will not only shine but fit in with and enhance the rest of your hardscaping and landscaping.

water flowing over an outdoor fountian -

Beautiful outdoor fountains & Water features for homeowners & businesses in Rockland County & Northern Bergen

The construction of your pond’s liner is crucial.  If it is a custom designed pond, we will build the liner out of cement.  We will not cut corners, ensuring that your pond has the proper substructure to drain water away and is deep enough to best resist the frost and possible cracking from it. This is an area where “less-than-reputable” contractors often reduce their expenses to deliver a low price.  The problem arises a few years later when the leaks in your pond’s concrete liner are driving your water bill through the roof. In the long run, quality is always the best value.  We will be glad to show you how to make sure you are comparing projects in a manner that protects you.  We believe you will find that our quality and pricing deliver the best value in ponds and water features.  To arrange a free, no-obligation pond, outdoor fountains or water feature consultation in Rockland County or Northern Bergen call 845-369-9297 or complete the form to the right.

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