Outdoor Kitchens & Barbeques

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens & Barbeques For Rockland County And Northern Bergen

Ou door kitchen and barbeques made from stone blocks

Beautiful outdoor kitchens and barbeques designed and built for homeowners in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

Outdoor kitchens and barbeques give you a beautiful way to entertain guests or just relax.   We’ll start with your desires, dreams and with the function of the area.  Do you want a patio and a barbecue, or do you want a beautiful outdoor kitchen?  The place to start is knowing how are you going to use it and how often.  Next we will explore your dream and your budget.   If you plan to entertain business associates or customers, a patio that seamlessly connects to the pool area, with a well-designed kitchen, bar and outdoor fire pit can make a lasting impression.  It can also help them understand that you are a person of substance and quality… like your outdoor living area.  It is this kind of impression that lasts in business.  Of course you may dream of the perfect family area for swimming, barbeques and relaxation with a gazebo and all.  No matter your dream and budget, we will help you develop the best hardscaping plan.  If the budget must hold you back from completing the project at once, we are expert at developing a staged plan over time.  This allows us to build phase one within your budget and it will look great as a stand-alone.  However, phase two will add to it as if it were all done at once and, if necessary, stage three will do the same.  We all know that Rome was not built in a day… and if necessary, we will apply the same strategy to your outdoor living area…

TGW is a value leader  for outdoor kitchens and barbeques in Rockland County and Northern Bergen.

If you are located in Northern Bergen or Rockland county ask for our free, no-obligation consultation on an outdoor kitchens and barbeque – call 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right hand side of the page.

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