Looking for a masonry contractor in Rockland & Northern Bergen County?

beautiful masonry contracting: driveway and walkway with custom desings.

Alex Frezza, president of TGW, is a 3rd generation masonry contractor and hardscaper who services Rockland County and Northern Bergen. If it can be imagined… he can build it at competitive rates

When it comes to masonry contractors in Rockland County and North Bergen, many home owners are not sure how to compare the value that each offers.   Since they do not know, it leaves most focusing just on price.  While a good price is important, you should never let your masonry contractor cut corners to achieve a low price.  This can lead to cracked walls and pavers popping up after a winter or two.  This leaves the homeowner angry and feeling as if they have been ripped off.  Quality at fair rates is always the best value.

“I am a third generation hardscaper.  My grandfather learned the craft in the mountains of Europe.   Masonry is at the core of hardscaping and had to be mastered.  These skills were passed down to my father and then to me.  From a very early age, I learned the old-world way that focused on quality and durability.  I supervise all masonry and, on complex jobs, I will have the trowel in my hand.  Every job is always done to my exacting standards.  It does not matter if it is a driveway, an outdoor kitchen or even and indoor fireplace, our quality will not be able to be surpassed. “

A masonry contractor who truly offers you the best of the old world and the new world skills

beautifully designed pool area garden and retaining wall

TGW, one of the highest quality masonry contractors for pool areas and hardscaping in Rockland County or Northern Bergen, delivers three generations of expertise and quality at competitive rates

“Quality and durability, while very important, have never been enough in my family.  A trowel was like an artist’s brush… we have also created beauty for three generations.  As a matter of fact, my father immigrated to Buenos Aries, Argentina (from war-torn Italy) after World War II.  There he learned the Latin designs and styles that create their magnificent fountains and plazas.  As a young boy, I learned both the European and Latin styles of masonry and stonework.  Twenty three years ago I moved to the US.  I have studied the American styles and added it to our repertoire.  The quality and variety of the American materials have been like adding hundreds of new colors to an artist pallet.  Additionally, I have constantly studied American business and efficiencies.  I keep my overhead low and watch my expenses so that I can deliver superior masonry as competitively as possible.”  – Alex Frezza, President of TGW landcaping and Contracting, Inc.

If you are interested in superior masonry done with an artist’s touch, all at very fair rates,  TGW is the place for you.  If you are located in Rockland County or Northern Bergen, call  Alex at 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right and he will come and discuss how to make your masonry a work of art!

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