Fence Options for Rockland County & Northern Bergen: Wood – Vinyl – Metal – Aluminum – Chain Link & More…

a wood fence is a great way to provide privacy or keep children & pets from wondering

Beautiful wood fences sold & installed in Rockland County & Northern Bergen

Residential fencing basically falls into 3 categories: metal, wooden and vinyl. Your first consideration should be the function of the fence. Do you want to insure that young children can play in the back yard and be kept safe? Maybe you have a dog and want to allow him some space but wan to insure he does not wonder. You may be planning a new hardscape design for your pool, patio or outdoor kitchen and need to enclose the area with a fence but want it to enhance not detract from your beautiful outdoor living area. Experts say that a fence can increase or decrease the value of your home’s value. If the fence adds to the style of the yard it will impact positively on your home’s value, so choosing the right type and style of fencing is very important.

Let TGW help you choose the fence that is perfect for your yard

Vinyl fence and gardens

Beautiful vinyl fences for Rockland County & Northern Bergen

There are so many types and styles of fences that most people get overwhelmed. For homes you have fencing for privacy, security, for landscaping, protection of children, to keep pets from wondering and more. Here are some common styles of fences: picket, dog ear, flat top, French gothic, gothic, pool, rail, split rail, two rail, three-rail, four-rail ,pointed, New England style, ball-style, pyramid-style, crossbuck, privacy, semi-privacy, basket-weave, ornamental, lattice, shadow box and dog runs to mention a few. Metal fences come in steel, epoxy-coated steel, aluminum, chained link, wrought iron and more. Wooden fences can be purchased made from pine, spruce, oak, cedar, chestnut and in all of the styles listed above. There are thousands of options that make choosing the right one a challenge.  Alex Frezza. President of TGW, is expert in landscape desing and can help you choose the fence that will add the perect accent to your yard’s landscaping.

TGW Rockland & Northern Bergen’s choice for fences

The take away is this. When looking for a fence that will enhance and add value to your property let a landscape designer like TGW help you through the maze of options. The result will be a beautiful fence that fulfills it purpose while accenting and enhancing the design and value of your property. If you are in Rockland County or Northern Bergen, call TGW at 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right, for a free,  no-obligation fencing consultation.

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