Driveway Pavers add that special touch to
Rockland County & Northern Bergen Homes

TGW desings and builds beautiful paver drieway with garden and well landscaped yard for Rockland County and Northern Bergen homeowners

Alex Frezza, President of TGW is a 3rd generation hardscaper who designs and build beautiful paver driveways for homeowners in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

TGW can turn your driveway into a beautiful hardscape work of art.  From a basic driveway built of driveway pavers and concrete curbing to one with borders, designs inlaid in different colored brick or concrete pavers and Belgium block curbing, we can help you create that driveway you always dreamed of having.   When it comes to driveways, we leave no stone unturned.   Here are a few of the ways we deliver quality and value:

  1. Our footings and drainage may be buried out of sight but we give it the same attention to detail that we give everything.  Without a proper foundation, your driveway will quickly deteriorate with the driveway pavers popping up and sinking.
  2. All drainage considerations will be evaluated and properly dealt with in the design.

    beautiful driveway from different colored and shape paver desinged and constructed by Alex Frezza, a 3rd generation hardscaper and president of TGW

    Custom inlay designed into a paver driveway. TGW designs and builds driveways from pavers, stone and brick with concrete or Belgium block curbing. TGW services Rockland County & Northern Bergen

  3. Your driveway will be designed for maximum safety as well as easy turn-around etc.
  4. We will deliver a plan that details all of the work – trees or large rocks that need to be removed, demolition of the existing driveway, itemized steps to be taken with accurate pricing, etc…
  5. We will tell you what permits your locale requires and how to obtain them.  If you prefer, we can provide this service for you.
  6. We will check the soil where we will build your driveway to insure that it is strong enough to bear the weight of your footing and driveway.  If it is not, we will tell you and we will build the proper steps into our plans… we will not surprise you with extras just to keep our initial estimates artificially low… Honesty is our policy.
  7. Your driveway will have excellent footing to provide proper drainage and protection against winter.  We will not cut corners but rather build your driveway to last!
  8. We are experts at laying Belgium block curbing.  If you desire it, we’ll lay it properly.
  9. We will lay your pavers properly paying attention to the details.  If you desire borders or intricate designs, we can create a driveway that looks as if it should be in a museum.

In the end, your paver driveway will be constructed properly and laid out to turn heads.  TGW’s president, Alex Frezza, is a third generation hardscaper coming from European and Latin America and that gives TGW an edge.  Alex grew up being taught the European and Latin styles of design and for the past 23 years has learned and mastered the American ways.   The landscaping and walkways surrounding your driveway will be designed and built in a manner that will add new dimensions of beauty, accenting and enhancing your driveway.   At TGW you truly do receive the best of the old and new worlds…

If you would like a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your paver driveway call 845-369-9297 or complete the form on the right.

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