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beautiluf wooden deck build in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

Beautiful desks – design and built in Rockland County and Northern Bergen

If you are a homeowner in Rockland County or Northern Bergen and you are looking for a deck designer who can design and build a deck that gracefully enhances your outdoor living area and home, TGW can help you make your dream come true.  You may want a simple wood deck on which to barbeque and entertain.  We will maximize its beauty and safety while delivering great value.   Others in Rockland and Bergen may want an unrivaled deck designed on several levels with high-end wood, pavers or even stone for your deck flooring.  Your railings can be made of wood, aluminum or steel.  We can build multipurpose seats that also provide storage.   Our deck designs can elegantly start on the second floor of your home and gracefully step down in levels, merging with your outdoor living area, patio or pool areas.  We design our decks to blend seamlessly with your hardscaping and landscaping.  Our goal is to illuminate your ideas and dreams and design a deck that will be stunning.  As always, we never cut corners on quality insuring you and your family are safe and extending the life of your deck.   When you compare our designs, materials and quality, you’ll find we provide excellence in artistry, value and construction.

TGW – Rockland & Northern Bergen’s value leader for decks

Would you like a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your deck ideas?  If you are located in Rockland County or Northern Berge, please call 845-369-9297 or complete the form an the right and we will come to discuss making your dream deck a reality.

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