TGW Landscaping and Contracting Inc.
Three Generations of Landscape Excellence

Mission Statement
TGW Landscaping and Contracting, Inc. is dedicated to quality detailed work, superior quality construction, safe performance and fulfillment of schedules.

Alex Frezza, president of TGW Landscaping and Contracting Inc., is a third generation landscaper. His grandfather apprenticed and then mastered the business in Europe and passed the old-world skills down to his son who brought them to South America and learned the Latin-styles and techniques of landscaping and stonework. He taught both of them to Alex who added American designs, modern techniques and efficiencies to the mix to build a landscape service that truly offers the best of old and new world landscaping. TGW has been providing landscaping and hardscaping services in Rockland County, NY and Norhtern Bergen count y since 1992. TGW landscaping and Contracting Inc., is a MBE, DBE and 8-A Federal contractor. Alex is also certified by the ICPI.

The skill set that Mr Frezza possesses was carefully crafted over three generations and on three contents. The core of TGW’s value proposition lies in the quality of European craftsmen, the style of a Latin piazza, the design and efficiencies of America. Alex Frezza’s dedication to excellence and constant learning is unsurpassed. In addition to the lessons learned from his father and grandfather Alex has taken over 40 seminars, on the latest techniques of land and hardscaping. On the business side he has completed coursework on advanced landscape/hadrscape design as well as estimating software. Alex has completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses course. It is a 3 month program that focuses on growth by developing the owner’s financial management, people management, negotiating and marketing skills as well as coaching from a network of small business owners as well as leaders in the business world. Finally, both Alex and his employees take on-line courses from OSHA and others to maximize the safety of the worksite. The goal of this constant training is to deliver the best value in Rockland and Bergen County landscaping by delivering excellence in creativity, and quality done right the first and every time at competitive rates.

If you are interested in landscaping or hardscaping crafted over three generations, please call Alex Frezza of TGW Landscaping and Contracting, Inc.,  at  845-369-9297 … you’ll be glad you did.

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